Nimblebit turns to Twitter for Pocket Planes design decisions

Tiny Tower developer Nimblebit is soliciting feedback from Twitter to help it refine some of the user interface elements in its upcoming game Pocket Planes.

Earlier today Nimblebit co-founder Ian Marsh tweeted two in-progress pictures of the game’s menu, asking users if they found smaller buttons easier on the eyes.

It’s not the first time Nimblebit has solicited player feedback for the game. Earlier in the month Marsh asked his Twitter followers to submit their ideas for Pocket Planes BitBook posts — the private and often silly thoughts the game’s characters “post” to a fictional social network.  According to Nimblebit’s other co-founder David Marsh, the tweet resulted in a flood of suggestions, approximately 20 or 30 of which have been added to Pocket Planes so far.

“It’s important for us to share things from the development process because the feedback we get is constructive, and getting good reactions from people helps motivate us to push towards the finish line,” Marsh tells us.

While having users weigh in and contribute to a game as its in-progress isn’t common, it appears to be paying off for Nimblebit. So far the company’s free-to-play hits Pocket Frogs and Tiny Tower have earned enough to recoup their development costs more than 100 times over. Tiny Tower also boasts an impressive conversion rate — in a previous interview the company revealed about five percent of Tiny Tower users pay, and the game sees an average revenue per paying user of $10.

According to Marsh, Pocket Planes has been in beta testing for just over a month and the game is tentatively scheduled for a June release.