NimbleBit goes full steam ahead with Pocket Trains on iOS and Android

Image via NimbleBit

Tiny Tower developer NimbleBit is ready to absorb our free time once again with its newest release, Pocket Trains, on iOS and Android. The game sees players commanding their own railroad empire, sending trains all around the world to earn coins, unlock new trains and more.

Pocket Trains sees players starting with a base company of two train engines and just a few real world locations to send them to. Like the developer’s Pocket Planes, which saw customers waiting in airports to be picked up by planes, Pocket Trains sees train cars waiting at stations to be attached to the engines.

Each train can only hold a limited number of cars, and only one train can travel down a single piece of railroad once it’s been “claimed” by that line. The Cherry Steamer train, for instance, may claim the route between Berlin and Milan, but another train can take that same route by paying additional coins to open the route to them.

Image via NimbleBit

This limitation means that some train cars will have to wait until railway lines clear, but players can increase the speed of trains to their destination(s) by spending Bux, the game’s premium currency. The more cars and destinations accepted by each train engine, the longer the route will take to complete, but the more money and Bux will be earned on the other end.

Each player’s empire in Pocket Trains can be expanded by collecting new engine parts from crates, which cost Bux to open and coins to actually place into operation. New cities are unlocked by claiming the railway lines in between them and assigning trains to visit them. It’s a system similar to Pocket Planes, so fans of that game should have no problem jumping into the new experience.

Pocket Trains is now available to download for free on iOS and Android. You can track the game’s growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.