NimbleBit releases animal collecting game Disco Zoo on iOS


After releasing a teaser for the game in January, Tiny Tower developer NimbleBit and Milkbag Games have released Disco Zoo on iOS devices. The game allows players to travel around the world collecting animals for their zoo, from farm animals to dinosaurs, and mixes zoo building with casual puzzles for collecting animals.

Players start with a hot air balloon, which allows them to take trips to the farmland to collect animals like sheep, cows and horses. Players turn over tiles on a grid to find coin bonuses or animal squares. It’s a setup not unlike a game of Battleship, as players may need to tap randomly to find one animal tile, but can then tap on surrounding tiles to find the remaining pieces.

After rescuing animals, they’re assigned to individual pens back at the zoo. Animals generate coins automatically, but will fall asleep after a few minutes or hours. Players need to tap on the habitats to wake the animals back up, triggering the production of more coins, which are then spent to rescue additional animals, continuing the cycle.

Over time, players unlock additional animal regions, like the outback, savanna or jungle (among others). Gamers can collect multiple units of the same animal, increasing the time before animals fall asleep, and increasing their coin earning rate.

When coins are low, users can trigger a disco party with premium currency. This keeps all animals awake and doubles their coin production rates for a set amount of time. For instance, spending one premium currency triggers a one-minute party, while 50 premium currency keeps the party going for eight hours.

Disco Zoo is now available to download for free on iOS, and is planned for release on Android later this Spring. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.