Social CRM Platform Nimble Now Integrates Twitter Profiles And Tweets Into Your Inbox

The newest release of award-winning social relationship platform Nimble, issued today, brings with it a new Nimble Contacts Widget for Gmail, Outlook and Hootsuite that lets you integrate Twitter activity into your email workflow.

Nimble’s Social CRM system lets you smartly manage your relationships in one place – and now they’ve folded in real-time Twitter activity. Take a look.

Here’s the Nimble Contacts Widget in action in Outlook:

And the Nimble dashboard:

You can connect to contacts on Twitter – and Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Skype – right from your email.

Beyond that, the Nimble platform recommends people as important to you based on profiling factors such as Shared Topics, Matched Keywords and Recency or Frequency of contact. Kind of like Twitter’s @MagicRecs but in your email inbox.

Check out Nimble in more detail at