NileGuide Improves Travel with Search Filters, Comparison Tools

Travel site NileGuide is unveiling a new design and layout today, making it easier and cheaper to plan your travel trips with its online service. The new concepts behind NileGuide’s redesign are keeping trips within your budget, while also enabling you to minimize your carbon footprint.
For starters, NileGuide has expanded on the basics; increased coverage for its geographic locations , and rolled out some new trip planning tools. For instance, new filters make search easier on NileGuide, many of which are custom to the site and are more intuitive for end users. Kid-friendly and hip are just some of the new filters applied to NileGuide’s updated trip planner.

Where do the green features come in? Based on interests and improved location-based search tools, those that are environmentally conscious and others that merely want to go to nearby activities without taking a car, cab or even a bus are better able to plan around more specific landmarks.
The added locations and custom filters fit nicely with NileGuide’s existing trip planning tools. NileGuide’s combination of search and planning options offer flexibility for users, and lets users browse through several options while adding trip activities and customizing the details of a trip later.
But with the new NileGuide features, the setup and planning options are actually cleaner and less cluttered. Add this to the new one-click comparison tool NileGuide offers through a partnership with several search partners, and it’s clear that NileGuide is looking to simplify the trip planning process as much as possible. Incorporating search and planning tools from partner sites into its own site gives end users a centralized search service that also has several layers of its own database for a comprehensive service with a more natural flow.
The new features also take NileGuide deeper into recommendations, collecting a great deal of information from users in providing custom trip planning tools. All this collected information folds back into itself in order to provide recommendation tools from NileGuide on a personalized level, improving filters and even helping partner sites for the purpose of improving their search capabilities as well.