Fake @NIKKlFINKE Fools David Carr

The funniest thing in Sara Morrison’s Columbia Journalism Review interview with the LA prankster responsible for the Twitter parody account @NIKKlFINKE is the revelation that a New York Times reporter was and – to a certain extent, still is – caught in the crossfire.

The anonymous, faux Finke tells Morrison he has been surprised by the caliber of some of the people who have been fooled by his efforts. As an example, he cites the fact that he was straight-retweeted by NYT media reporter David Carr not long after July 21 launch:

The real Finke, when asked for comment, responded by email and then phone. Though most of the 25-minute conversation was off the record at her request, she did permit this: “David Carr, because of his sloppiness, could have damaged my credibility during an especially sensitive time of Hollywood reporting,” she says of his inadvertent retweet of fake Nikki Finke. “He owes me an apology.”

Carr responds: “I’d like to think of myself as a careful retweeter. It was a momentary lapse.”

The fake Finke account substitutes a lower case “L” for the second “I” in Nikki as part of the ALL-CAPS @NIKKIFlNKE ruse, so Carr’s mistake is understandable. The owner and operator is male and says he spends about 30 minutes a day manufacturing entertainment for his audience of industry and media followers. Read the full CJR piece here.

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