Nikki Finke Sets The Record Straight On Tilda

Enigmatic Hollywood gossip-spinner Nikki Finke has decided to weigh in on some of the questions revolving around her involvement — if any — with HBO’s upcoming series Tilda. Many have noted the striking similarities between the show’s reclusive, gossip-writing protagonist and Finke herself, and have wondered whether the deluge of insider reports about the show on, Finke’s site, might point to some sort of collaborative effort on Finke’s part.
Finke took to Deadline to offer her “first and last” statement regarding the show, citing many “inaccurate media claims” about her level of involvement. So why choose now to address them? Finke explains:

Only because there is an agreement now in place among myself, Deadline’s parent company MMC, and Watski productions (which is producing the Tilda pilot) negotiated solely on my behalf by attorney Tal Vigderson. I still have no creative or consulting involvement with the show nor wanted any. I still won’t write about the show. And journalists can still write whatever they want about the show.

As TheWrap points out, Finke elected to disable comments on that particular post, ensuring, perhaps, that not only would this be her “last” statement on the matter, but that she’d also get the final word. Which is, appropriately enough, the following:

As for all of you who’ve asked for a quote from me about Tilda, here it is: “It should have been called Toldja!”