Nikki Finke Sues Deadline Hollyweird

To be honest, we had never visited the knockoff website until we came across today’s item by Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter indicating that Nikki Finke and her parent co. are going after it for copyright infringement. Among their major objections is the fact that the joksters have duplicated her blue-sky-and-Hollywood-sign banner logo. There is, however, no trace of any TOLDJA! homage.

Based on the fact that nothing has been posted to Hollyweird since November 18th, the lawsuit filing may have already put the fear of Finke in them. But until the site goes dark, there is actually some pretty good content here.

Among our favorites is an August 18th item titled “Stephen Baldwin Receives a ‘Cease and Desist’ Letter from God”:

Actor Stephen Baldwin and his representatives have confirmed they are in receipt of an official letter requesting that Baldwin and his various ministries refrain from any and all “future solicitations for monetary donations in the name of Christianity.”

The hand-written letter arrived in scroll format inside a plain brown envelope with no return address.

The article ends with what appears to be a pretty funny dig at Finke’s celebrated sourcing: “Deadline Hollyweird’s calls to God’s people for comment went unanswered.”