Report: Nikki Finke May Soon Be TOLDJA-ing at

New York Post media reporter Claire Atkinson has info this morning that would seem to confirm the report on Defamer last week by Beejoli Shah that Nikki Finke may indeed finally be on the way out at PMC.

According to Atkinson’s sources, Jay Penske will be sitting down this week for a board meeting with Penske Media Group Corp. colleagues to address the (latest) percolating Finke situation. The key date, apparently, falls right after Labor Day:

Finke, who is said to be bristling under Penske’s management of the website, feels the terms of her employment contract have been broken and is eyeing a Sept. 3 exit, according to a letter a lawyer for the star journalist delivered to Penske late last week, sources said.

Finke, the founder, general manager and editor-in-chief of the site, wants to take back And, if Penske refuses, she is ready, according to several sources, to start serious talks with potential backers to launch a news destination under the brand, which some value at around $2 million.

A Deadline without Finke could pave the way for the site being folded into PMC’s new, emboldened Perhaps even as that trade publication’s designated breaking news arm.

On the other hand, since one source tells Atkinson the Finke-Penske situation is “tenuous as usual,” this could all just go away as it did after Sharon Waxman published a report earlier this summer that the journalist had been fired by Penske.