Nikki Finke Finally Talks Tilda

We’ve all been wondering what Nikke Finke’s involvement, or lackthereof, is with HBO’s upcoming show Tilda — whose title character bears a remarkable resemblance to Finke herself. Is Finke in on the deal? Will Deadline still cover the show? Are heads and other more sensitive parts of the anatomy going to roll all over Hollywood?

Seems like the answers are yes, yes and no. Finke finally spoke out on Deadline Hollywood yesterday, in what she calls her “first and last statement” on the matter:

Considering how many inaccurate media claims have been made regarding myself and the potential series Tilda for HBO, I wish to set the record straight. I had no prior knowledge that this show was being created or put into development. I have never written about the show. I have never encouraged journalists to write about the show. I had no prior agreement with HBO or anyone regarding the show. I had no creative or consulting involvement with the show.

So why am I making my first and last statement about Tilda today?

Only because there is an agreement now in place among myself, Deadline’s parent company MMC, and Watski productions (which is producing the Tilda pilot) negotiated solely on my behalf by attorney Tal Vigderson. I still have no creative or consulting involvement with the show nor wanted any. I still won’t write about the show. And journalists can still write whatever they want about the show.

That was entirely too tame. Finke did offer one small criticism of the show: “It should have been called Toldja!”

Yes, it should have! Because since Finke holds a singular attachment to that utterance and tried to trademark it not too long ago, that would have undoubtedly made these negotiations far more interesting. Blood would have been spewing from HBO’s elevators, Shining-style.

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