Nikki Finke- Fastest (Self-Promotional) Draw In the Wild West (Hollywood)

Not half an hour after I posted the previous item, this missive arrived from Nikki Finke in the FishbowlLA and FishbowlNY mailboxes, linking to the Romenesko item about the same Marketwatch story which mentions Finke in passing:

interesting…what a list of b$tches, no?

From: Nikkifinke

To FishbowlLA, FishbowlNY

9:26 am (51 minutes ago)

Waxman: “People wouldn’t talk to me if I was really disliked”


Jon Friedman says New York Times reporter Sharon Waxman is one of many Hollywood journalists who’ve developed a reputation for toughness. (“The list includes Nikki Finke, Claudia Eller and Anita Busch,” he notes.) Waxman, who left the Washington Post in 2003, tells Friedman: “Now that I’m at the New York Times, people return my calls much more than they did when I was at the Washington Post. If you didn’t have a strong paper behind you, [the critics] would take the ground out from under you.”

Duly noted, Nikki. You are tough.

UPDATE: Finke has asked me to post her response to my posting of her email.

for the record: my comment to you re my posting…

From: Nikkifinke

To: FishbowlLA

Explain to me exactly how it’s self-promotional for me to refer to myself as being on a “list of b$tches.” I believe the definition of that is self-deprecating. Invest in a dictionary. LOL

As it happens, I am saving up for a dictionary. However, it is the position of the Fishbowl family that, in this unfortunate age of irony, self-deprecation and self-promotion can be, and often are, engaged in simultaneously. (And yes, we really did get together as a family and discuss this.)