Nikki Finke Partners with Paramount for Facebook Game

Showbiz insiders have their own version of the “Deadline Hollywood Game.” But in the case of the one to be launched shortly on Facebook by Nikki Finke‘s in partnership with Paramount Digital Entertainment and Liquid Entertainment, it does not center around fearful studio execs, an angry journalist, and ALL-CAPS emails.

Instead, players–who can register for an advance look here–will get to live out the equivalent of arriving in Tinseltown with just a few dollars to their name. The hook is that individual player progress will be governed in part by the latest industry news posted on Finke’s showbiz gateway.

“I started thinking about creating a realistic Hollywood game about three years ago, and I kept coming back to the many interviews that began, ‘I arrived in town with $50 bucks in my pocket and lived in my car while I looked for that first job,” Finke explains in today’s press release. “The Deadline Hollywood Game will allow experienced gamers, real-life Hollywood players, movie fans, and casual users to truly experience the grit, intrigue, and rivalry of the Hollywood industry. And just like the real town, this game is not for every schmo–only the strongest will survive.”

FishbowlLA has already pre-registered, and if we play our digital cards right, who knows, maybe we can limn a game narrative along the lines of Jay Penske. You know, the guy who came to Hollywood with nothing but an oil slick fortune and is now rewriting the rules of showbiz news via his recently renamed Penske Media Corporation.