Gavin Polone Proposes a Nikki Finke Experiment

Move over, Bret Easton Ellis. You’ve been replaced on the Nikki Finke media hit list by Gavin Polone.

In a Vulture essay that is a must-read for anyone who follows behind the scenes at the Hollywood trades, contributor Polone shares some good Nikki anecdotes as he charts the rise of her fear factor. Leading up to this:

I think we should run an experiment and see if Nikki Finke does have any power. The first step in this test is my making the following public statement: I think Nikki Finke’s manner of writing nasty personal attacks, threatening people, and exhibiting general incivility is unacceptable, and I am asking those who read this to “unfavorite” Deadline from their browser, read it less often, and stop tipping her…

Step two is to wait and see if she can rain down fire and brimstone on me for my insolence… Have at them, Nikki! And don’t forget to call Adam Moss at New York magazine and try to get me booted from Vulture.

The comments on this one are going to be well worth monitoring. And mercifully in this case, they are not being subjectively filtered.

The first journalist to put their name to a comment is respected LA film critic and writer James Rocchi. He endorses Polone’s proposition without hesitation:

She’s the worst primarily because idiots have made her the worst, in a realm where screaming at strangers has somehow been normalized and idiots “leak’ memos to her in order to protect the jobs they barely earned and definitely don’t deserve. Cut off from a supply of bullshit, drama, attention and e-mail , she would disappear.