NikeID Redux

NikeID Redux

Josh Rubin sent me some actual photos (not renderings) of the NikeID store that I’ve been posting about lately. The exterior, above, looks pretty hip right? What’s funny is that when they pull the gate down, which is covered with sloppy black graffiti and is not a good looking security gate to begin with (and there ARE good ones!) the store looks totally dilapidated and non-descript. It’s only once the curtain is lifted and the sneakers, enshrined as they are, become visible that the place looks like… someplace.

Josh also pointed out an oversight on my part:

I think the rendering you posted is from the geneaology of speed project, not the 255 Elizabeth St store. If you page through all the renderings on the architect’s site though, you will find some pics of the store. To spare you the effort, i’ve attached them. [Ed note: Josh, very nice to me.]

Anyway, keep an eye on my site next week for the possibility of more detail on that mysterious space…

Thanks, Josh!