Nike Leading the World Cup in Social Media Brand Mentions

The World Cup is the most social sporting event in the world, and Nike is the most mentioned brand.


It’s official, the World Cup has taken the title of the biggest social event ever. While there are plenty of opportunities for marketers in the social media fervor of the World Cup, Nike seems to be leading the pack.

According to data from Engagor, a consumer engagement, monitoring and analytics platform, the official sponsors of the World Cup account for more than 1.4 million mentions on Facebook and Twitter. Of those mentions, Nike has nearly 360,000, with Coca Cola in second place with just under 300,000.

The relative sentiment of brand mentions has been fairly neutral. However, with 58 percent of its mentions being positive, Pepsi has the most positive sentiment overall. Still, the volume of Pepsi mentions is dwarfed by that of the other brands. Volkswagen, which has 122,000 mentions on Facebook and Twitter, also has the most negative sentiment overall, followed by MillerCoors.

Sports has become an increasingly powerful force on social media, and according to CNN, the popularity of the World Cup shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The Cup’s opening match, between host country Brazil and Croatia, spurred 12.2 million tweets alone — possibly not surprising when you consider that soccer-crazy Brazil has the fifth-most Twitter users in the world, behind the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

The tournament’s first week, June 12 to 18, spurred 459 million posts, likes and comments on Facebook, according to the company. Compare that to 185 million interactions about the Super Bowl, 120 million for the Sochi Winter Olympics and 25.4 million for the Academy Awards in March, and you realize the World Cup inspired more activity than the other three combined.

Ok, so let’s acknowledge that the other events are shorter than the Cup, an event that runs for about a month. Apparently Americans have finally caught the football fever, with the U.S. vs Portugal match becoming the most watched football match in U.S. history. In fact, according to the Telegraph, the World Cup figures are higher than both the World Series and the NBA playoffs.