Sneakers are not usually of huge interest to me – I consider that whole culture the purview of Josh and Josh, but right now I am totally fascinated by the whole NIKE iD campaign. There are snipes up for it all over town, but what’s really piqued my interest is the shop they’re opening (or have opened?) on Elizabeth St, just south of Houston. I walk by it nearly every day, twice a day, because it’s on my route to the gallery.

I first noticed it one evening when not one, not two, but THREE cop cars were blocking traffic on the street (and a wee narrow street Elizabeth is) as big hulking guys shuttled boxes from a rented truck into the store, while another big guy stood watch at the door. Three cop cars! For inventory delivery! This kind of thing never happened when I worked at the Gap in High School.

The whole vibe of it is clubby and exclusive. It seems like every time I go by, there’s some big bruiser at the door patiently but forcefully explaining to some touristy types that no, they can’t come in. So, I have not gone in, thinking I am probably not cool enough for the NIKEiD sneakerheads. It’s like huddling outside in the cold, awaiting entry into MK (now Pentagram) in the 80s. Shopping IS the new clubbing you know.

Does anyone have the lowdown on the shop? For whatever reason, I get the feeling that it’s not there permanently – seems like a temporary pop-up store in support of the campaign.
I did just have a good time over on the site, customizing a pair of air rifts (those are the ones with the articulated toes, so groovy). I didn’t buy them, but the interface to build them was smooth like buttah and intuitive. (I am losing my edge here, this is the second time I’m mentioning a site where I find the employment of Flash to be enjoyable. What’s happening to me!?!?)