Nihao, New Job.

Westerners are moving to Asia in droves, reports the NYT, because the job market is so much better in places like Hong Kong and Singapore.

The unemployment rate in Hong Kong is 4.5 percent, compared to the U.S.’s 9.5 (and Spain’s 19.9). In Singapore, the unemployment rate is only 2.2 percent.

“Things are just so much more dynamic here,” a PR pro who left London for Hong Kong told the NYT. “Back in London, there were fewer resources for P.R. events or advertising. Here, everyone is expanding and spending on marketing activities. That makes my job here a lot more interesting.”

But you can’t just hop a plane and expect to land a good job. Most companies are looking for people who are already in the area or who have strong Cantonese or Mandarin language skills. So bust out those flashcards, because here are some links to get you started: has a small listing of marketing jobs, media and entertainment jobs, and journalism jobs. Good luck!