Nightline Names New Correspondents

The new “Nightline” will feature regulars Chris Bury and John Donvan in addition to newcomer Vicki Mabrey, formerly of CBS’ 60 Minutes II, the netowkr announced today. Additionally ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap, who has recently been doing sports-related stories for Nightline, will continue his occasional dispatches.

“Chris Bury and John Donvan have been doing extraordinary reporting for ‘Nightline’ for many years. Both highly respected journalists, their analysis is much appreciated by the ‘Nightline’ audience. Vicki Mabrey is another fantastically talented reporter with a great track record. As a team, they will ensure that ‘Nightline’ maintains and enhances its reputation as the home of first-rate quality journalism,” the new EP, James Goldston, said in the press release.