Night makes right, theaters say

Sometimes, the choice of “Director of the Year” is partially meritorious – as in the Oscars. night.jpeg.jpg

Sometimes, it’s nakedly political – as in ShoWest‘s choice of M. Night Shyamalan today.

I mean, we like Night as much as the next guy – we even used the catch-phrase “I see dead people!” to comedic effect for a week or two back in August of ’99 (back when we still used catch-phrases).

But come on: Shyamalan didn’t even have a film in theaters in 2005, and he’s being honored by a movie theater organization?

This is exactly what it looks like: Night goes nuclear at ShowEast last October, declares the studios in general and Disney in particular the anti-Christ for wanting to put movies on DVD as soon as they hit theaters, and they reward him with a nice plaque.

The Hollywood Reporter sort of says this, but as only a trade paper can: Obliquely, in the third paragraph and in torturous mumbo-jumbo:

“Shyamalan drew applause from exhibitors in Orlando in October when he spoke at the ShowEast convention, passionately arguing in favor of the theatrical motion picture experience and rejecting shrinking theatrical windows as well as simultaneous day-and-date releases across competing platforms.”

In other words, Night – unlike almost every director in Hollywood – is willing to say that movies should be seen at the movies.

Actually, for that kind of candor in this kind of town, he probably does deserve an award.