Nielsen’s Top Social TV Moments on Twitter

New data from Nielsen Social demonstrates how much Twitter activity surrounds broadcast TV, streaming and cable.

For a while, it seemed like television was being supplanted by online video as cord-cutting increased dramatically. However, it’s becoming more clear that TV and social media are perfect partners, as tweets and other social posts spike around event television. New data from Nielsen Social demonstrates how much activity surrounds broadcast TV, streaming and cable.

Twitter users are highly engaged during popular shows and live television events, both in terms of hashtags and @mentions. #SB50, the official Super Bowl hashtag, received more than 3.7 million tweets. Other live events like the #Oscars also fared very well, with 2.9 million tweets. And scripted television events scored, with #Empire generating 702,000 tweets and @kanyewest receiving 489,000 tweets during his Saturday Night Live performance.

Whether it’s online streaming, cable TV or broadcast TV, recurring series seem to have remarkable staying power on social. Empire received an average of 387,000 tweets from 95,000 authors each episode, while cable-exclusive The Walking Dead received 435,000 tweets from 150,000 authors on average.

Fuller House, Netflix’s reboot of classic sitcom Full House, garnered more than 1.26 million interactions from 969,000 authors during the first 30 days after launch. Streaming may not quite have the long term impact of weekly TV episodes, but Netflix has begun to take steps into that sort of programming with its first talk show, Chelsea.

Viewers are clearly excited to engage socially with all manner of programming, no matter its source. While cord-cutting will likely steadily increase, it hasn’t resulted in the TV crash that many anticipated. Users have clearly adopted a mixed-use model that allows them to watch and engage with a variety of shows, across multiple platforms.

Check out the season’s top shows on Twitter below.


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.