Nielsen Expands Twitter TV Ratings To Australia

Nielsen Expands Twitter TV Ratings To Australia

Australia will be the third country to receive Neilsen’s Twitter TV Ratings treatment, a metric that measures consumer behavior in tweets.

Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings was born back in December 2012 in an effort to create a new metric for understanding what consumers watch and buy based entirely on tweet data. Initially, the program was launched in the US, and has since “delivered a syndication-standard metric around the reach of the TV conversation on Twitter.”

The program will officially launch in the second half of this year, with Nielsen saying that it will offer advertisers and other interested parties the ability to measure and act on TV-related conversations happening on Twitter.

This announcement comes at the same time as Twitter’s study on the habits of TV-watching tweeters. According to the study, a full 90 percent of Twitter users who see a TV show-related tweet are likely to immediately watch the show, search for more information, or share tweet-based content about that show. These numbers bode well for Nielsen’s and other metrics, which seek to measure the interaction between TV, Twitter, and brands.

Twitter is still relatively new to Australia, at least in terms of having an office in the country. Said Karen Stocks, Twitter Australia’s managing director:

“It’s an exciting time for us, we’ve got the 8th birthday of Twitter and this month is also the one year anniversary of our first employee in the Australian market.”