Facebook Adds Nielsen DMAs, Dayparting to Target Rating Point Buying

Advertisers using Facebook’s target rating point buying to extend their television campaigns to the social network got access to some new features Wednesday.

Advertisers using Facebook’s target rating point buying to extend their television campaigns to the social network got access to some new features Wednesday.

Facebook announced in a Facebook for Business post that advertisers running TRP campaigns on Facebook and Instagram can now use Nielsen designated market areas in the U.S., enabling them to zero in on the same target markets with their TV and Facebook campaigns.

Dayparts are also now available to advertisers running TRP campaigns, enabling them to choose time blocks of four hours and up during which their ads will be served.

The social network also shared examples of successful campaigns that optimized TV commercials for Facebook’s mobile News Feed in the post, from Finish, Wrigley’s and Wells Fargo, and it provided the following updated video creative considerations:

  • Capture attention quickly: Using colors, themes and imagery that evoke your brand at the start of your video can help people connect the ad to your brand quickly. Consider starting your video with lifestyle and product shots, recognizable spokespeople, action scenes or a vivid background to spark interest.
  • Design for sound off: Since most video ads in mobile feed are viewed without sound, it’s important to convey your message visually. Showing captions, logos and products can help communicate your message, even in silence.
  • Frame your visual story: Producing video for a small screen requires consideration of dimension and scale. Play with zoom, crop and overall visual composition to make sure your story is told well on a small screen.
  • Play more: There’s no universal solution to building brands or driving actions with mobile video, so keep experimenting, testing and iterating to learn what works for your brand and audience.

Advertisers: Have you worked with TRP campaigns? What are your thoughts on the new features announced Wednesday?


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.