Nielsen, ComScore Retool Facebook Ratings

Facebook is also updating its own marketing tools

As Facebook becomes an increasingly vital tool for marketers, two companies have developed new systems aimed at measuring the exposure that brands receive on the social network, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Last week, comScore started offering a new tool that allows brands to keep track of the number of people that interact with their products on Facebook. The ratings system takes into account how brands use their Facebook pages and “like” features, as well as what the site’s individual users say about those brands on their own personal pages. The site allows marketers to take peoples’ comments about brands and republish them as “sponsored stories.”

Nielsen is also getting into the Facebook game. The company announced that it’s teaming up with Facebook to start offering a ratings service for online marketing campaigns this month.

Both Nielsen and comScore are attempting to measure Facebook exposure using gross rating points, a traditional ad metric that multiplies the reach, or size of an audience, by the frequency with which that audience sees a brand. By using this metric, marketers can discuss online advertising in the same terms that they already use for TV, print, or outdoor ads.

Meanwhile, Facebook is in the process of updating its own marketing tool, Insights, which gives page owners and developers data on how the site’s users are interacting with their content. According to a company source, Insights will also begin using gross ratings points, says the WSJ.

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