Nielsen: Americans Consuming More Video, Any Which Way They Can

American video consumption across the three screens of television, Internet and mobile devices continues to rise, according to the latest data from Nielsen’s Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement (A2/M2) initiative.

Nielsen logo.jpgNielsen’s A2/M2 Three Screen Report measured video consumption on all three platforms in the second quarter, comparing it to the previous quarter as well as last year’s Q2. The data shows online and mobile video consumption up considerably, year over year, in terms of time spent and size of audience.


The mobile video audience increased 70% from the prior year.

Time spent watching online video increased 46% in the same period.

Old-school television isn’t being forsaken: the number of Americans watching TV was up nearly 1% from a year ago.

57% of Americans who have home Internet access watch television while using the Internet simultaneously at least once a month. (If you’ve been on Twitter during American Idol, you’d think that percentage would be much higher.)

The age group with the highest percentage of online video watchers (a slight surprise coming up) is 45-54, at 21%, followed by 35- to 44-year-olds at 19%.

32% of those in the 25-34 age group watched video on a mobile device in Q2, by far the highest percentage. Runner-up was the 35-44 group at 20%.

There’s a ton of other information in the report, but it pretty much all leads to the same conclusion: We’re consuming more video than ever on more platforms than ever. And we’ll continue to do so.

Here’s a web page summarizing the report. You can download the 5-page PDF document here, but you have to go through a free registration process. It’s harrowing (not really).