A Quieter Nico Hines News Cycle

Daily Beast London editor is finally back on the job

Outlets today are beginning to pick up a bit more on the apology posted Monday by The Daily Beast London senior editor Nico Hines, disgraced during the Rio Summer Olympics by an upside-down bit of Olympic Village dating-scene reportage. The stream is predictably nowhere near the amount of days-on, outraged coverage that followed the original incident.

The Daily Beast and Hines are to be commended on at least one front. The reporter took an uncommon amount of time, seven months or, as the accompanying Editor’s Note puts it, ‘a lengthy period of intense reflection.’ Less clear from the item heralding the March 20 return of Hines is whether any website editors were individually penalized.

When Hines states that the original report should never have been conceived, written or published, that means essentially he’s responsible for two-thirds of the infraction. To that final-phase effect, The Daily Beast takes collective responsibility:

We’ve said it before: as a newsroom we succeed together and we fail together. Our belief in this has not changed. After months of internal review and discussion—made more poignant by our current national climate —we as a newsroom are as mindful and committed as ever to the responsibility we have as independent journalists to not only tell the truth but further the public good. We will continue to stand up to bullies and bigots, value an inclusive culture and be a proud and supportive voice for the LGBTQ community.

Hines has returned to the news desk just in time, sadly, to cover today’s horrible London terrorism incident. Read his initial coverage here.

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