Nicky Hilton’s Ex-Hotel Designer Has Axe, Will Grind


When it was announced Nicky Hilton would be opening a boutique hotel chain, it made perfect sense to us — her sister having cornered the reality show, acting and recording artist markets. But now Nizar Idrisi, a licensed Los Angeles-based architect whose former business partner Faye Resnick (of O.J. trial fame) is Nicky Hilton’s godmother, says Hilton contracted he and Resnick in May to design the hotels “look like Paris’ house,” only to have the deal squashed after Nicky’s manager, Paul Fisher, wanted to keep Resnick’s name out of the press about the hotel. Resnick eventually stayed on, but Idrisi was dropped.

Idrisi tells HotelChatter that Hilton has been touting his designs as her own — like the one above and left — to outlets like People. All of this gets a tad too hotelier-y for us, but we found this part of Idrisi’s account amusing:

Sometimes she would send me something she ripped out of a magazine, and say ‘I like this’. We had a meeting in Miami by the pool of the Royal Palm with fashion designers who were going to design some suites. It was a very important meeting. We were all going over stuff and Nicky was just out there swimming in the pool with one of her friends that came down from New York. Every so often she would look over at us and wave.



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