Nickelodeon's Shockwave Announces Virtual Goods Platform

Viacom has been quite active in the gaming space. Following the acquisition of social game developer Social Express, now Viacom’s subsidiary Nickelodeon is introducing virtual currency to its online gaming site Shockwave. This move is in alignment with Nickelodeon’s vision to create deeper engagement and revenue streams from sales of virtual goods. This isn’t Nickelodeon’s first dive into virtual goods, having introduced virtual goods for AddictingGames earlier in May.

Part of Nickelodeon Kids and Family Games Group, Shockwave is announcing a virtual goods platform that will integrate a virtual currency called Shockwave Cash which can be used to purchase functional virtual goods that boost performance and personalize gameplay.

“Adding virtual goods to Shockwave is part of our long-term strategy to provide deep, engaging content experiences across our portfolio, and create diversified revenue opportunities for game developers,” said Dave Williams, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Nickelodeon Kids and Family Games Group. “Shockwave is a top destination for casual gamers, and we believe virtual goods will be a great addition for users and developers who want to expand beyond traditional downloadable games.”

Three new titles – Hungry Hungry Hippy, Let’s Get Grillin’, and Sara’s Super Spa Me will utilize the virtual goods platform. The platform will be usable by developers who are looking to leverage Shockwave Cash and Shockwave’s achievement system that rolled out last year. Shockwave currently has over 1,500 arcade, puzzle and other types of games and is looking to attract more developers that want to create a new game play style focused on virtual goods sales.
Nickelodeon Kids and Family digital has topped in ranking based on engagement metrics especially as Shockwave brought over 4M visitors in June of 2010. With many brands entering the entertainment space, Nickelodeon’s already a step ahead and we can expect compelling content aimed at kids and tweens complete with virtual goods monetization in times to come.