Nick Graham Pairs Up with Goodwill to Deliver New Old Products


Taking a page from every hipster in every overpriced, artsy neighborhood in this country and expanding it tenfold comes this story about Nick Graham, fashion designer and Joe Boxer founder, who has teamed up with Goodwill in developing a line of clothing using donations. Their plan is to take some of what comes in, turn it into something fashionable, and then resell it inside of Goodwill stores, under the brand William Good. It’s a cool concept and we love the idea that, inevitably, there’s going to be someone who will pay $150 for the same jacket they donated the month before. Here’s a bit from the SF Gate:

Refashioned clothing is nothing new of course. It is, after all, how Banana Republic came to be, in 1978, when San Franciscans Mel and Patricia Ziegler redesigned Army surplus clothes.

What’s different here is the green goal. The Bay Area Goodwill is the first in the country to try this pilot project, with the ultimate ambition of taking the line to the mass market and, in the process, saving 75 percent of all its donated items from ending up as landfill.