From London, Lifelong Knicks Fan Posts Pained Open Letter

NickGeltnerPic2Although Nick Geltner (pictured) is currently working far away in England as a sports editor-producer, he grew up in New York and remains a die-hard Knicks fan. Watching from across the pond, texting about each miserable game with NYC area friend Jonas, it has become for him – like so many others – unbearable.

Indeed, the 2013-14 NBA season will go down as the one during which the Lakers and Knicks combined for some epic drubbing of the league’s two most valuable franchises. Geltner, in a fantastic open letter, begs the team to get better while sharing fun anecdotal detail from his career as a journalist:

While covering the NBA, I had the chance to interview the greatest player to live, Michael Jordan… The man who ruined my childhood. Yet it was an honor to grow up watching him. What he said in that interview with me? I can’t remember.

All I kept thinking was, he is right there, two feet from me. The man who caused so much heartbreak… Just hit him for every Knicks fan out there! Of course, I never would have, but THAT’S how much I bleed blue and orange.

Later on in the open letter, Geltner confesses that for the first time ever, he recently turned off a Knicks broadcast before it was over. If that factoid doesn’t wake up Mr. Dolan and co. to the urgency of the current situation, then we are all truly doomed.