Nick Denton: ‘I’ve Wanted a Gentler Gawker for a While’

Good luck with that!

Gawker founder Nick Denton is doing his best to put a positive spin on the chaos that has enveloped his media empire. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Denton said that perhaps the now-deleted awful item that outed a married man and led to two editors quitting under idiotic pretenses would be a turning point.

“It’s regrettable what has happened,” Denton explained. “But hopefully it will allow us to have a proper discussion about what Gawker should be in the future. I’ve wanted a gentler Gawker for a while.”

That’s probably not going to be easy to do, considering the reports that most Gawker staffers supported the outing post and didn’t want it deleted. Then there’s the fact that Gawker’s features editor, Leah Finnegan, took a meeting to discuss the chaos as an opportunity to throw a Twitter temper tantrum:

Oh, poor Gawker writers. Their boss isn’t spending his day reading their posts! That’s not nice!

Probably a post that was too long! Shockingly, not everything written by a Gawker writer is worth reading.

Let’s not just pile on the immaturity of Finnegan—who seemingly doesn’t realize how f*cking privileged she is to be able to tweet like that and not get fired—because there are plenty of other Gawker tantrums. Like this, from Leah Beckmann:

Good luck, Nick!