Counting the Vice Digs

vice130Maybe it’s just us. But in addition to a late parenthentical swipe at Vice Media, today’s Nick Denton memo announcing plans to quickly add an executive editor and group managing editor to Gawker Media seems to contain several other, more subtle, digs.

In the memo’s opening paragraph, Denton sets things up with some gentle omission, praising a couple of chaps at BuzzFeed and Vox as the fearsome “pros” he and his new charges will have to most worry about in 2015. In the third paragraph, it’s more of an open-handed slap [bolding is ours]:

We have one great asset that no money can buy: an independent spirit and willingness to defy conventional wisdom.

We get it. There are no plans at Gawker Media to do a dance with Rupert Murdoch and sell a subsequent stake to A&E Networks.

For the record, the parenthical we mentioned at the top is all about Gawker Media’s November traffic tapping into “that elusive demographic, the Millennials, that Vice pretends to speak to.” Happy Holidays!

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