For Those Still Unsure, Columnist Explains Why San Francisco is Not New York

ShutterstockHoodieWe wrote last week about the clever and funny San Francisco Chronicle response to New York magazine’s rhetorical op-ed “Is San Francisco New York?” Today, there is a second noteworthy commentary from Nick Bilton in the New York Times.

The columnist and author begins by pointing out that as opposed to the Bay Area, there is no constrictive “company town” vibe flavoring our coffee shops. He also notes a crucial fine-dining difference:

In New York, you see people dressed to impress. In San Francisco, people take pride in wearing a hoodie and jeans to five-star restaurants (despite glossy magazine reports to the contrary).

The opportunity to compare New York and San Francisco bridges is still wide open to anyone who wants it. Meanwhile, as Bilton concludes, a characterization of the west coast city relayed in the 1999 tome The Annals of San Francisco involving the 1840s Gold Rush still holds true.

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