Nice Package

Nice Package

I have been known to buy food items simply because I liked the packaging. I know I’m not alone in this, but sometimes I wonder if I take it to an extreme. I love to go to places like, say, Dean & DeLuca not so much to slaver over their refrigerator cases stocked with delicious cheeses, but rather to mill through the racks and racks of dry goods that come in interesting tins or boxes or wrappers. I could spend a bunch of money there and come home with a bag full of stuff I’d never actually eat.

The last time I was at Trader Joe’s, that temple of Two Buck Chuck, I picked up a few tins of these sardines. Yes, that’s right, sardines. I think I was about four the last time I ate sardines. (No insult intended to sardine lovers in the audience. I’m sure they are delicious, but somehow over the years they become closely associated with Anchovies in my mind, so I will take a pass.)

Nonetheless, they are stacked prominently on top of the MetroCart that sits next to my oven, solely because I enjoy looking at the packaging. My photograph does not do justice to the beauty of the Bela Sardine tin. Little fishies! Great color scheme. I love the logo too – the sleepy fish with red lipstick is very endearing to me.

If you’re reading this blog, I have to assume that you too are tuned into this sort of stuff, Email me snaps of your favorite packaging and I’ll post them here, send your images to jen AT unbeige DOT com