Nice And Natural — That’s The LAT Style

It’s fitting that in an e-mail describing the continuing selling-out of the LAT, ed David Hiller invokes an old hair color ad:


The Los Angeles Times is making an appearance on this
Sunday’s episode of The Apprentice Los Angeles (10
p.m. on NBC).

In the show, the contestant teams compete to create
the best advertising preprint insert for distribution
in our Sunday paper (the winner will be in this
Sunday). I’m told there’s a scene with Donald Trump
and his daughter at our Olympic Plant as they’re
launching the competition.

Nice, and natural, that when people think of reaching
consumers in Southern California, they turn to only
one place — to us. Btw, if you’re curious, the Trump
people approached us and we get this nice TV exposure
for free.

Also, this is a good reminder to all the viewers,
including our current and potential advertisers, about
the great preprints they can find in the paper. As
you know, that’s a big and growing part of our

If you watch, I hope you enjoy it.


Trump Wannabes To Create LA Times Supplement

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