Very different from Media Miscellany and Media Minutiae. For one thing, do you see an “M”? I didn’t think so.

  • Let’s Hear It For The Blog! Let’s give the blog a hand – two of them, to be exact, more specifically the two who just scored book deals: Rob The Bouncer at Clublife with “Clublife: Beyond The Velvet Rope” and Anna Broadway with “Sexless In The City” wherein she regales with tales of “her exploits as a half-hearted virgin struggling to reconcile the deeply held faith of an evangelical upbringing and life as a Brooklyn denizen and chaste party girl” (I guess “scored” is the wrong word then, eh?). Rob’s book: to Mauro DiPreta at Harper, by Eileen Cope at Trident Media Group (world); Anna’s book: Beth Datlowe at Broadway, by Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (NA). [Publisher’s Lunch via Gawker] and [Publishers Marketplace]
  • NPR listeners: Probably not in that 57% Newsweek was talking about Apparently the godless listeners of NPR think the station rocks a little to much religion coverage in its, er, coverage. Ombud Jeffrey Dvorkin reports in his column that he’s received numerous complaints about showcasing established Christian groups and general “proselytizing”; “All Things Considered” senior producer Walter Watson disagrees, saying that reporting is not preaching, though he concedes that NPR has “deliberately increased its coverage of religion compared to a few years ago,” saying that religious stories relating to America and the Middle East are important. Upshot: they’ll probably keep rocking that religious coverage. Yeah, I said rocks, playa, don’t be hatin’. [NPR via Romenesko]
  • Rick Moody gets a do-over on his book cover: The NYT has a great headline today that speaks for itself: “Book Misjudged by Its Cover Gets (What Else?) New Cover.” Looks like do-overs are the new getting it right the first time. Ah, well, variety is the spice of life. That and cumin.