It’s 12:25 on the West Coast and I’d best be off, but not before leaving you with a few last media tidbits. I’ll be back later and over the weekend with more, but for now this is goodbye. Have a great weekend!

  • It’s just a media conglomerate whose intentions are good, oh Lord, don’t let NewsCorp be misunderstood: Rupert thinks Wall Street doesn’t get how rockin’ NewsCorp. is. Fox certainly does. [FT]
  • PBS: The Most Trusted Name In News PBS reported, and you decided: apparently the public trusts the truthiness of the public sphere the most. A Harris telephone survey commissioned by the Public Relations Society of America found that 61% of the public generally trusts PBS and NPR the most. 53% trusted the commercial/cable nets. 56% trust the papers (NYT, WaPo, WSJ). In other news, “truthiness” is well on its way to becoming a real word. I gotta hunch. [B&C]
  • She’s baaaack! “The Judith Regan Show” debuts today at 5pm ET on Sirius Satellite radio (channel 103), kicking off with an interview of Nicole Richie. It goes weekly starting early 2006. Don’t touch that dial!
  • Cogito ergo sum, or whatever: S/he’s been a critical darling for years, but nonetheless the NYT doesn’t know if JT Leroy exists. God, journalism has so many barriers to entry! [WWD]