Sportswriter Paints LA Kings Locker Room Scene*

Although Dennis Bernstein (pictured) is a card-carrying member of the Professional Hockey Writers Association, he also prides himself on having bypassed journalism school. Today, as part of a column on the trade to the LA Kings of Flyers All Star Mike Richards, he distills his hard knocks knowledge into a one-question journalism pop quiz.

This reporter asks: If you have the choice in the LA Kings locker room of interviewing Richards or west coast club GM Dean Lombardi, who do you make a press badge beeline for? Bernstein then goes on to poke fun at Richards’ first orders of SoCal business:

With Richards happily slipping into his black and white number 10, an event simultaneously causing nausea in droves of Flyers fans, Mike turned to the real important business of deciding which beach town he’ll reside in, Manhattan, Hermosa or Redondo, and picking which car wash to use on those 80 degree January days.

With the tasty media appetizer completed, we got to the main course, the equivalent of a beautiful well done rib eye steak served up by the man of 1,001 quotes, Lombardi.

By the way, the correct answer to Bernstein’s question is the rib eye guy.

*The original headline of this item incorrectly had Bernstein based in Philadelphia.  He is most definitely LA local.