NFL to Run Anti-Domestic Violence PSA During Super Bowl

Will this PSA move the needle on domestic violence?

After a year of seriously bad press for the poor handling of player domestic violence cases, the NFL has decided to donate thirty seconds of highly-coveted Super Bowl advertising airtime in the interest of saving its own ass  sending an important message.

Sometime during the first quarter of the big game, viewers will see the below PSA for No More — an organization founded in 2013 by a coalition of corporations, advocacy and service organizations dedicated to combating domestic violence and sexual assault. The spot was created pro-bono by Grey, the official agency of the NFL, and the production costs were covered by the NFL itself.

No More has been running PSAs during NFL games all season, and the organization’s website has reportedly seen much more traffic as a result.

“As we learned from the initial No More spots, talking about domestic violence in a way that includes ‘real world’ vernacular and situations was impactful,” an NFL spokeswoman told Ad Age. “Grey Advertising was inspired to continue the conversation with this ‘real world’ approach and wanted to develop a spot that was inspired by real calls with a domestic violence victim making a call for help under the guise of a call for a pizza delivery.”

Below is the powerful spot, chilling in its subtlety and starkness. Whether it will impress the NFL’s critics is another matter entirely.

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