NFL Vs. EPL: Who Wins The Social Media Playoffs? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the age-old battle of football versus football, which ones comes out on top on social media?

American football is a uniquely American phenomenon, with the National Football League (NFL) representing its top players. British football – or soccer, as Americans call it – is a global phenomenon that spans continents and its best-known league is the English Premier League (EPL).

So which of these leagues is the big winner on social media?

This infographic comes to us from They looked at the Facebook fans and Twitter followers of both leagues’ official accounts, as well as specific teams within each.

As a caveat brought up by some intrepid Mashable commentors, this is not necessarily a scientific study. America boasts hundreds of millions more inhabitants than England, and the EPL is more of a global league than the NFL. Still, it’s interesting to see how they stack up.

The NFL leads the EPL when it comes to total fans and followers on their official accounts – but the EPL’s individual teams blow the NFL’s out of the water.

On Twitter, just 315,300 people follow the official EPL account, while 3,712,100 follow the NFL. And the gap is equally wide on Facebook.

When it comes down to specific teams, though, the EPL’s stars take the social media trophy. Manchester United is the biggest team on social media across both leagues, with 26,943,700 fans on Facebook, and Arsenol takes the prize on Twitter with 1,699,100 followers on Twitter. The top EPL teams consistently have between three to five times as many fans and followers as their counterparts in the NFL.

Take a look at the infographic below for more on the social media playoffs (click to enlarge):

(Hat tip: Mashable; Infographic courtesy of; Soccer player in stadiumimage via Shutterstock)