Fox Sports Journo Jay Glazer is ‘Happy to be Alive’

ShutterstockJayGlazerWhen the NFL draft kicks off its three-day Radio City Music Hall run next Thursday, one on-site journalist will feel as blessed as the athletes getting ready to bank seven-figure signing bonuses.

As Fox Sports scoop-meister Jay Glazer recently told USA Today‘s Chris Strauss, everything has changed for him because of a recent bout with aspiration double pneumonia. Glazer was stricken in March following what was supposed to be routine back surgery and is now dealing with a new, daily reality:

“I’m happy to be alive,” Glazer said. “There’s going to be good days and bad days for months. With this thing called aspiration double pneumonia, it’s basically where both your lungs, mine, had gotten burned and infected from ingesting all this stomach acid and bile and stuff that I drowned in.”

“Thank God these doctors saw and that God was watching over me because these guys saved my life. I get to go home to New York and I definitely look at things differently now. For me, the draft will be a happier one than normal. But at the same time I don’t know how much I respond to the grind yet.”

And will Glazer again be upending everyone’s mock draft with some sort of close-to-the-draft-start exclusive? It’s very possible. In the meantime, FishbowlNY wishes the hard-working NFL senior writer all the best as he pattern-plays his way back to full, sprint journalism. Glazer had never been previously in hospital before his near-death experience.

[Photo of Glazer at 2010 Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards: Carla Van Wagoner/]