Neybers: Design the Rooms of Your Dreams on iPad

Swedish gaming company Amagumo Games has found success with Neybers, its social community for interior design, on iPad. The app gives users the ability to fill and design template rooms from scratch, using a variety of flooring and wall materials, furniture pieces and accessories. The app includes a touch of competition, as users work to create the best rooms possible in the hopes of having their work featured for other designers to view.

Designing a room is accomplished in a step-by-step process. Users can tap on walls and floors to change their appearance, with wood, paint or tile options, among others. From there, the game’s catalog features hundreds of furniture and accessory pieces for filling the room, with items coming from real-world designers and manufacturers. These include everything from sofas and chairs to photo prints, trash cans and windows. Users can change the scale and rotation of items using pinch, zoom and other touch controls, and can change the layers in a room when two items overlap (to make a chair sit in front of a table, for instance).

neybers 650

Designers can leave their room at any time, saving their progress to finish the project later. They can share their finished rooms with the Neybers community, where users can post comments or “likes” on the finished images. Even after these rooms have been shared, they can still be edited. In this way, the community can provide suggestions on making a great room even better, and the designer can implement them if they choose.

When browsing rooms, users can view rooms recommended by Neybers staff, or based on “most viewed” or “most liked” filters. If users find a designer they particularly like, they can follow that user to keep track of their work in their own social feed.

Since launch in early April, the Neybers platform has been updated with the ability to share the app’s real products on social networks, some visual upgrades and more. The app has gained 100,000 new users since July.

Neybers is available to download for free on iPad devices.

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