Nexus S Available on Thursday from Best Buy on First Come First Serve Basis. So, I'm Passing on the Nexus S

When the Nexus One became available for purchase early in 2010, I jumped at the opportunity to plunk down $529 to buy one. Why? Despite already owning a Motorola Droid, I was convinced that the Nexus One was “the” hardware reference platform which would allow me to experience the unfiltered Google Experience (none of those pesky UI skins most manufacturers add).

The Nexus S is definitely the hardware reference platform for 2011 and will be available for purchase this week Thursday. But, I may pass on the Nexus S on launch day based on Engadget’s explanation of the purchase process.

Best Buy tells the Nexus S retail story: 8AM online sales, two per customer maximum

– Online sales start 8am EST
– In store sales starts at 8am local time
– Availability is first come first serve

For those of us with actual regular jobs, 8am on Thursday is not a good time of day or day of week. This is especially true since you can’t know if you will actually be able to buy a Nexus S with this first come first serve policy. So, I’m passing on the possibility of buying a Nexus S this week. I’ll revisit the idea next month after all the holiday shopping madness has passed.