Nexus One Tweaked for AT&T and Rogers Wireless 3G Data Available for Purchase Now

The first Nexus One phone was tuned for T-Mobile USA’s 3G wireless data network. You could use it with AT&T Wireless and Rogers Wireless (Canada). But, while it worked fine for voice calls, wireless data use was limited to the slower EDGE network speeds.

The good news for AT&T & Rogers customers is that Google announced the availability of Nexus One models tuned for their 3G networks.

Nexus One now compatible with the AT&T 3G network and shipping to Canada

As before, the Nexus One can be purchased directly from Google at:

The price for all Nexus One models remains at $529 (US) for an unlocked model. You can also buy a Desktop Dock for $45 and Spare Battery for $25.