Nexus One Froyo Update from FRF50 to FRF91 was Automatic

Late in the afternoon on July 2 (last Friday), I saw the message see in the screen photo above on my Nexus One. This was an extremely welcome message since I had manually upgraded my Nexus One to Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) FRF50 and wondered if I would get an OTA (over the air) update as noted in this Google Android Developers blog announcement on June 23:
The Froyo Code Drop
The download and update process went relatively well with one exception: My Nexus One locked up after rebooting (part of the update process). After waiting about five minutes, I pulled the Nexus One’s battery, reinserted it, and turned it on again. This time the Nexus One booted as expected. A quick check revealed that I had moved from Android OS 2.2 FRF50 to FRF91. This initial lockup was not a good sign. But, I’m hopeful that FRF91 (the official Froyo release) will be a bit more stable that FRF50.

Nexus One in process of updating to Android OS 2.2 FRF91