Nexus One App Restoration Mess: Android 1.0 App Installation Limitations Causes Pain Even with OS 2.2

My Nexus One didn’t actually take 24 hours to reinstall all its apps after returning from HTC’s repair facility.

My Nexus One’s Journey to the HTC Repair Shop & Back: 24 Hours to Reinstall Apps OTA?

However, the overall restoration process was horrendous and ultimately a failure. Here’s what happened any why. After 15 hours, two apps (both developed by Google) were in a paused download state. This remained true even after powering down the Nexus One and rebooting. Finally, I cancelled the download for both apps and forced reinstallation. After completing this task, I looked at the apps page and noted that a third to a half of the apps that were on the Nexus prior to its repair were restored. Moreover, only four apps were installed back to the SD card. My suspicion is that the Over The Air (OTA) automated app reinstallation process tried to install the vast majority of the apps to the Nexus One’s extremely limited system memory (512MB) and created installation errors for itself. In the end, app bits were simply dropped on the floor and I was left with a mish-mash of installed apps. Android’s original app installation limitation continue to bite its users despite the current ability to install apps to flash storage.