Next Up on The Social Times

Next week I will do my first video interview. On a weekly basis I will be interviewing the individuals that are changing the social web. First up is Hooman Radfar of Clearspring. I’ll let him describe what Clearpring does but I’d like to get some input from the readers about what types of things you’d like to know. A few that I’ve come up are regarding the details of the interviewee’s company and how OpenSocial, Facebook and other influences within the social web are impacting their business.

One other thing that I thought would be interesting is to find out what drives these individuals as entrepreneurs and business leaders. Is this something that you would be interested in hearing about? I want to know what the readers want to learn about. I’m extremely excited about covering this space. If you or your company would like to be featured in an interview, let me know. I’m hoping to cover as many people as possible but unfortunately I can’t cover everyone so please don’t be disappointed if we don’t feature you.

I would appreciate all the feedback that I can get. Thanks!