Next Top Model Writers Threaten Strike; Barry Bonds Makes Beat Writers Endure Tyra Banks Show Before Taking Questions


Tyra Banks is causing writers headaches, both directly and indirectly.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

Writers of the hit reality show [America’s Next Top Model] walked off the job for an hour and threatened to strike, alleging that the show’s producers had snubbed their request to join the Writers Guild of America, West. The dispute comes at a time when new CW network is relying on the hit show to dress up its inaugural lineup.

Via the San Francisco Chronicle:

As dozens of media members crowded around his locker, Barry Bonds was moving and grooving to the beat of Bobby Brown and paying no attention to anything but his television set and the R&B star singing his 1988 hit on the “Tyra Banks Show.”

“Everybody’s talking all this stuff about me/Why don’t they just let me live?/I don’t need commission, make my own decisions/That’s my prerogative/They say I’m crazy/I really don’t care/That’s my prerogative.”

“Hey, y’all,” said Bonds, waiting for the song to end before addressing the assembly. “Ray Durham won the game. Head in that direction.”

See the bizarre video here.

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