Next on Project Runway: A Sweet Deal?

hersheys.jpgA highly-placed, design-savvy little birdie has told us that the next episode (that’s #6) of Project Runway will involve a chocolicious designer challenge. Our source reports that the regal and charming Tim Gunn will give the remaining 11 contestants all the details on a trip to the Hershey’s Times Square megastore at 48th and Broadway, the “16-floor candy spectacular” that teems with people from all over the world buying candy that is available not only in their own hometowns but also at any drug store and bodega in Manhattan. Meanwhile, we’re taking bets on: Who will make the first Willy Wonka reference? Does Tim Gunn like chocolate? Will Mood run out of dark brown fabric? Will they be able to interpret non-chocolate Hershey’s products, because we think Rami could do a lot with a Twizzlers theme (think of the ruching!)? Tune in to Bravo tonight at 10pm to find out.

UPDATE: Alas, it turns out that we’ll have to wait until 2008 for the next episode of Bravo’s Project Runway. But look on the bright side: now you have a couple of weeks to ponder what designer Elisa Jimenez might do with an unlimited supply of Reese’s Pieces.