Next iPhone to Have a Larger Screen, WSJ Reports

No one knows what Apple plans to do with the next iPhone, but that’s not stopping everyone from speculating. The WSJ joined the fray this morning with some old rumors.

The iPhone has had a 3.5″ screen ever since it debuted in 2007, but the rumor going around right now is that the next one will have a 4″ screen.  According to the Journal’s sources, the larger screen will give the iPhone a better shot against Android smartphones, which have been steadily been getting bigger. A 4.8″ screen is not uncommon and the Samsung Galaxy Note even has a 5.3″ screen.

The WSJ has more details:

Until now, Apple has never changed the size of the iPhone’s screen, which has always been 3.5 inches from the first model that debuted in 2007. For the next iPhone, which analysts predict will come out in the fall, Apple is working with multiple screen makers including South Korea’s LG Display Co., Japan’s Sharp Corp. and Japan Display Inc., a new company created last month by three Japanese companies and the government, some of the people said.

I myself think the screens are too big in the 4.8″ range, with the 5.3″ Note simply being ridiculous. But would you buy a larger iPhone?