Next BlackBerry Storm Getting WiFi

Most smartphone seem to have head-scratching scrunch-your-face wonder-why they left that feature out items. Most people, for example, wonder why Apple wouldn’t or couldn’t build copy-and-paste for the iPhone. RIM’s first touch-screen phone, the BlackBerry Storm, left out WiFi. Well, it looks like the iPhone will get copy-and-paste with the 3.0 update later this year. And, according to SlashGear, it looks like people who buy the the next generation BlackBerry Storm will get WiFi…
Blackberry Storm 2 due in September, has WiFi
The big difference is that owners of the 1st and 2nd generation iPhone will be able to take advantage of OS 3.0’s new features while owners of the 1st generation BlackBerry Storm will still be WiFi-less.